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The Temple city Bhubaneswar is one of most fascinating city in India of state of Odisha.It's a green city with a combination of ethnic heritage and modern town planning. Being the capital city of the state ,Bhubaneswar is in the top position among the developed cities of India .The history of Bhubaneswar may be viewed in terms of ancient and modern eras. The ancient city has a history of more than 2,000 years, while the modern city emerged in 1948.

Bhubaneswar, a land of glorious history, art & culture.The city was the ancient capital of the Kalinga Empire and the architectural legacy of the period is manifest. Historical sites in the city testify to the importance of the region during the 7th to 11th centuries CE, when the Kalinga kings ruled Odisha and beyond. The Ananta Vasudeva Temple and Bindusagar Tank is the only temple of Vishnu in the city. Once the city was home for around 7000 temples dedicated for different deities ,now only 500 of them survive.Bhubaneswar has developed itself with offices, hotels, industries, parks, cinema halls, auditoriums, colleges, hospitals, clinics, airport, railway station, etc.

Bhubaneswar is primarily an administrative city and a tourism city. It has emerged as a fast-growing, important trading and commercial hub in the state and eastern India.

Bhubaneswar has the highest rate of employment growth among 17 Tier-II cities in India and it has been listed among the top ten emerging cities in India by Cushman and Wakefield, taking into consideration factors like demographics, physical, social and real estate infrastructure, current level and scope of economic activities and government support.


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@abinashgThanks for posting the photo Tamás! Let us know what you think about the book's content! #smbook About a Minute Ago

@abinashgThanks for posting the photo Tamás! Let us know what you think about the book's content! #smbook About a Minute Ago

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